Pumping Necessities: Must-Haves for Moms Who Pump

 Nursing is hard enough—add on pumping to that (or do it exclusively) and that brings a whole other set of challenges and frustrations. I pumped starting when my daughter was 3 weeks old, until we started the weaning process at 16 months, ...

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Finding Your Way as a Parent with My Baby Way

Pregnancy and early motherhood can be so daunting, and incredibly overwhelming. Often times it seems like there isn't enough time in the day to learn everything that needs to be learned, and even when I figured things out, I often ...

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How to Get Support For Questions on Infant Feeding

Infant feeding, including whether or not one is breastfeeding, supplementing, or formula feeding, is one the most discussed topics amongst new moms (and those who for some reason feel like it is their business to know). In today's society, ...

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Tonight I Nursed You For The Last Time

I am so thankful for the heartfelt responses I have gotten from the over 135,000 people who have read this post. I would love for you to join The Mom Friend community over on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest, as we share this ...

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